SoundBlaster Live / Audigy patch for Windows

All executable and document files of this patch are Copyright (C) 2003, George E. Breese. All Rights Reserved.

Version 0.10   April 16, 2003

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This patch will try to solve problems with Creative Labs sound cards.

Some recent Creative Labs sound card drivers feature a "turbo mode", which is usually enabled by default. Disabling "turbo mode" will stop the sound cards from making "hissing" or "crackling" noises, but Creative Labs does not provide a way to disable it. This patch program will disable "turbo mode" and thus stop the cards from making noises.

Before you begin:

The sound card drivers supplied with Windows do not feature "turbo mode", and this patch will not work. You must install drivers from a newer Creative-supplied CD, or download new drivers from

The only cards supported by this patch program are the SoundBlaster Live series and the Audigy series.

Examples of supported cards:

Examples of unsupported cards:

Instructions for use:

Run the patch program by double-clicking on it. The patch program will look for the Creative Labs sound card's driver information. The program will display one of the following messages.

Cannot find a registry key to be patched. Either the right sound card isn't installed, or the driver doesn't support "turbo mode". The program will stop at this point.

Ready to apply patch. Apply patch now? Answer "Yes" to apply the patch, or No to end the program without patching. If you answer "Yes", the patch will be installed, and you will need to restart Windows in order for the patch to take effect.

Ready to remove patch. Remove patch now? Answer "Yes" to remove the patch, or No to end the program without removing the patch. If you answer "Yes", the patch will be removed, and you will need to restart Windows in order for the patch to take effect.

Release Notes:

This is the first public version of the patch, version 0.10. It has not been tested on all versions of Windows. It might not work on Windows versions older than Windows 2000, such as Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT 4.0. If it does not work, then the most likely reason will be that Creative Labs is not supporting "turbo mode" in its drivers on these versions of Windows.

If the "turbo mode" setting has already been disabled by a user or another program, this version of the patch will still offer to "apply" the patch.

There is currently no way to save the program's log to a file. This may be addressed in a future version of the patch program.